Definition of the 7 teaching and learning strategies

1. Lecture
A formal talk on a particular subject where the teacher delivers information by speaking to the class.

2. Computer-based Learning (CBL)
A generic term for a computer program used by a learner to acquire knowledge or skills.

3. Individual training
Activities designed to enable students to learn and use systems and tools in the performance of their work, helping the students to learn independently or in groups, with or without teacher direction.

4. Company based learning
Any training developed under supervision within company structure related to a student’s program.

5. Practical skills development
The drills and actions which permit the students to use the theory they’ve been taught, such as operating a piece of equipment in the laboratory, the workshop or at the learning centre.

6. Mentoring consultancy
The practice of giving expert advice within a field in which a colleague/teacher/trainer is assigned to a student and assists in a training or general support role.

7. Facilitated Open Learning
An approach to learning which gives the student,s flexibility and choice over what, when, at what pace, where and how they learn.