What is IVOLVE
IVOLVE (Industrial Vocational Optimal Learning Valid for Europe) is an EU project that is being conducted until 2007.

The project was designed to address the imbalance between rapid technological development in industry and a lack of effective learning methods. The project is a partnership of colleges and associated organisations from five European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

IVOLVE is part of and receives partial funding from EU´s Leonardo da Vinci programme. This will enhance the internationalisation of vocational training and competence development for employees of companies within the EU.

The project was conducted through Gothenburg Technical College - a company in partnership with Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Group and the city of Gothenburg.

IVOLVE´s objectives
IVOLVE aims to
renew, improve and transform learning methods in European vocational training, both for secondary and post-secondary education, and for employed as well as unemployed individuals
create attractive and effective courses that are suited to the needs of industry
formulate learning strategies designed to enhance the competitiveness of European industry.

IVOLVE´s method
IVOLVE will achieve optimal effect by combining different learning methods that are adapted to the needs and prerequisites of the respective target groups.

IVOLVE´s learning model is based on striking the right balance between an array of learning forms and combining these to achieve effective learning.

Teaching and learning strategies
1. Lecture
2. Computer based learning
3. Individual training
4. Company based learning
5. Practical skills development
6. Mentoring consultancy
7. Facilitated open learning