How to do it

 Course name

 Level (Basic, Advanced, University)

 Teacher/student ratio

 Age and gender of students

 Type of evaluation
–  Pre-test and post-test
–  Examination, assignment or assessment of results
–  Completion of agreed competencies
–  Completion of agreed targets with students
    Teachers’ notes
–  Description of the study (Duration of the course, etc)
–  Feedback from companies, progression
–  Suggested combinations of methods

 State your use of methods: E.g. 10% Lecture, 25 % Computer based learning etc

 The group has achieved all the objectives:
–  Completely (90-100%
–  Mostly (50-90%)
–  Partly (10-50%)
–  Not at all (0-10%)
–  X-factors (i.e. distortion in group, ethnic minorities,
gender, facilities, resources, prerequisites for
studying, special needs etc)