Definition of Levels!


Teacher’s perspective:

Computer-based learning, Company based learning and Practical skills development

A combination of computer- based learning, company based learning and practical skills development would achieve a high achievement of objectives. Indicators show that lectures and individual training were successful, along with facilitated open learning.

Students’ perspective:

Lecture, Computer-based learning, Company based learning and Facilitated open learning

Company based learning and facilitated open learning achieved the highest success rates. Asking students to be responsible for their own learning can pose difficulties at first, but will likely enhance and broaden their views on learning as well as their competence skills.

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The courses ranged from Power Electro technical systems and Automated Production to the English A-course but were predominantly theoretical. The countries involved were Sweden, Switzerland, Catalonia and the UK engaging nine teachers and trainers, five from Sweden, two from Catalonia, one from Switzerland and one from the UK. Classes ranged in sizes from 6 to 34 students. All results and furthermore conclusions drawn at Advanced level refers to In search of excellence – developed teaching to improve learning.

Conclusion and recomendation at Advanced level
Increasing the use of lectures (over 25%) decreased the chances of achieving the course’s objectives
Increasing the use of computer-based learning and company based learning increased the chances of achieving the course’s objectives
Increasing the use of practical skills development increased the chances of achieving the course’s objectives
1. Students need to be made aware of their own learning by using student-centred methods like facilitated open learning and mentoring consultancy. Also, challenge your local company or industry to improve and evolve company based learning.
2. More practical subjects should be brought into theoretical topics in order to increase practical skills development. Combining teaching methods will increase knowledge transfer.
3. For an effective use of facilitated open learning, it is crucial to have a computer for each student and for the teacher.
4. It is the responsibility of management to create the necessary environment to motivate the teaching staff to improve the quality of their teaching.
5. Skilled technical support is essential for the use of advanced technical equipment and computers.