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The recommendations are based on the teachers and students questionnaires that were collated during 2005-2007. The following results are the statistically most effective methods based on the teacherís judgment of how successful their students were after completed module/course, i.e. the studentsí achievement rate of the course objectives. Studentsí questionnaires were issued in order to obtain a range of factual information and studentsí perceptions. All 1125 studentsí answers completed the perception of the students. Of the students taking part in the project 75% had extensive experience as a learner, 20% had substantial prior experience while only 5% had a small amount of experience or none at all. The factual questions were designed to facilitate analysis by level of study, age and gender. The other questions related to the studentsí levels of former study experience, the relevance of the learning program to their job or future job, the effect of using combinations of teaching-learning methodology on the learning process and how effective they considered these methods to be.