Definition of the
7 teaching and
learning strategies

Facilitated open learning


Facilitated open learning, company based learning and computer-based learning

Reach out and grab the challenge of mixing non-traditional methods for the advanced and highly motivated students, autonomous and responsible for their own learning.


Facilitated open learning, practical skills development and computer-based learning

A combination of methods that fit most levels and most types of students. It does require some independency but would probably be one of the combinations that would meet the requirements of basic, advanced and university level students.

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This technique was used by several lecturers at basic and advanced level, but the percentage compared to other techniques was small. However, increasing its use raises the probability of objective achievement. This method enabled to differentiation between students on different activities. A range of tasks at different levels stretched students who were working more quickly. They could be left to work with very little support. This then allowed the teacher to give more time to slower or low ability students, using either individual training or mentoring consultancy.