Definition of the
7 teaching and
learning strategies

Practical skills development


Practical skills development, lecture and company based learning

For starters designed to motivate the less motivated students and make them comfortable when starting a new course.


Practical skills development, facilitated open learning and lecture

The next step for the young and up-and-coming independent students, allowing them more freedom and responsibility with facilitated open learning.

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Practical skills development was used extensively by most partners, at all levels in the IVOLVE project, although there were some indications that increasing its use, does not necessarily improve the chance of objective achievement. However teachers certainly highlighted the value of this technique for developing practical skills, for illustrating and applying theory. During the trainers’ exchange, good practice was identified in the UK in a workshop, where there was interaction between teachers, facilitators and students. In Sweden excellent equipment was identified as part of good practice, whereas in Catalonia a well prepared and structured workshop for practising was identified as particularly good.