Definition of the
7 teaching and
learning strategies

Individual training


Individual training, lecture and practical skills development

First course for basic level students? This is the combination of methods that will never go out of style. Support the students with individual training after the lecture and let them try their skills in the workshop.


Individual training, practical skills development and facilitated open learning

When the students have reached a more complex level, add facilitated open learning to your armoury and let the students work independently, solving real project tasks individually or in a group with assistance if needed.

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Individual training was used substantially at the basic level and less at advanced and university level. This indicates that basic level students need more 1:1 support, for example in a workshop environment they need detailed instruction and demonstration before they can develop their own skills. Increasing individual training increased the probability of objective achievement. Individual training usually occurred in a practical class in a workshop, where teachers went round the class giving individual advice and guidance. This was vital for showing a student what to do, checking the quality of what the students are producing and correcting mistakes. It was naturally closely linked with practical skills’ development.